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Lux Aeterna: Requiem for a Dream Theme

Updating the description. This is very, very old. It was old before I uploaded it. Anyway, I don't play stuff like this anymore. I've been focusing on blues, mostly slide guitar, and performing. I really don't care for this anymore. When I did it, it was more so just for the "fun" of it. It's not musically sound, and I'm not really a shredder anymore (not that I was much of one to begin with). The only reason I leave this up is because people love it that much :) I'm just glad that people are enjoying music, in whatever form it may be. Anybody can do what I did with just a little practice. Pick up an instrument and LEARN! There are countless ones out there (and I've got quite a collection, myself). You don't need to play shred guitar to be a well known and accomplished musician. Grab a harmonica. A musical saw. A drum. Anything. The world needs more musicians! Check out the new, OFFICIAL channel for WFL. Only misc. casual vids and personal stuff will be posted to this channel! NOTE: NO TABS ARE AVAILABLE OF MY VERSION! THIS IS MOSTLY IMPROVISED IN THE KEY OF G MINOR! This is a recent re-recording of me playing a (now less, but still somewhat improvised) beautiful piece known as "Lux Aeterna", which was written by Clint Mansell and originally perfomed by the Kronos Quartet in the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack. Go buy the soundtrack right now, and don't forget to pick up the movie, too :) Video recorded using a Canon Powershot A560. Guitars recorded using my home-built PC & studio setup. Backing instrumental is NOT the original - it was sequenced in Reason 2.5 way back in the day (2 to 2.5 years ago since the recording of this, IIRC). I tried to stay true to the original instrumentation, but changed some strings to piano (sequenced strings just don't cut it in the earlier parts), and did the percussion to suit my own tastes at the time (I prefer Clint's, honestly). The performance isn't perfect, but it felt right to me, so I went ahead and stuck with this take out of the 2 I did. One missed note near the end (half a step up on a hammer-on) is the only real biggy.

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