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I'm in a commercial! "Reality Star Summer" - Brew Over Ice K-Cup® for Keurig® - Music Video

I play a Reality Show Star in this new commercial for Brew Over Ice K-Cup® portion packs for Keurig® brewers! Check out behind-the-scenes footage here: I was so excited about this commercial, I just had to share with you guys! So excited because I love my Keurig brewer and iced coffee and tea! You can enter for a chance to win an Alaskan cruise for two!!/icedkcups "Reality Star Summer" Lyrics: Got my own reality show Cameras follow everywhere that I go Some girl dumped her drink all up in my hair Crashed my Bentley Oh well I have a spare Shopping, crying, it's an exhausting life Consultations to go under the knife Staying up till the crack of dawn Craving cold ice tea, so I look for the BOI icon Chorus: Summer's here Come on, don't make this party stop I'll Make Brew Over Ice, instead of going to a coffee shop Getting my Tan on, 100+ degrees Can't tell I'm getting cooked, cause I'm cooled off by my ice coffee Bridge: After some drama and a good cry I make it better with some BOI Just broke up with my superstar boo Directly over ice, it's designed to brew

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